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George Keller

is a voice over actor, singer, director, screenwriter, and award winning playwright. He was in six theatrical productions on stage, and sang in over 100 venues across the United States. George appeared in season six of America's Got Talent, and now runs his own YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers. George has been in the entertainment business for over 14 years and doesn't have any plans on stopping. Next up on his entertainment resume' is an animated movie and his first live action film debut. Here is my YouTube channel link:

Roger Jenkins

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Tim Stephenson

is an enthusiastic and hard-working combination of right- and left-brain. He brings to the table a hefty scientific background (epidemiology, biology, business analysis, tinkering, and wannabe engineering) as well as a fair amount of the arts (theater, teaching, calligraphy, writing, photography, video work, and photo restoration... and of course, a golden voice). 

Tim Stephenson Bio
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Victoria Allison

is a marketer who partners with professionals and businesses to grow and develop their brands using video marketing, content marketing, copywriting, and media buying. She studied at the University of Mississippi to attain a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Business Administration. The coursework required for this degree allowed her to gain skills in business communications, account planning, creative visual thinking, campaigns, public relations, internet marketing, social media, and research and writing for marketing communications. You can get in touch through email.


John Colley

is a former Army Officer and Investment Banker. Having been told he has an excellent face for radio, he turned to voice acting as a way to satisfy the frustrated thespian within!

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Christopher Romance

is a Canadian Based voice actor with over 5 years in the business, 38 audio-books, and hundreds of satisfied customers with nearing 1000 jobs completed. Christopher Romance enjoys creating content as a hobby in podcast form, YouTube gaming videos, and TikTok content.

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Zaafir Baig

A Professional Book Designer. he has a firm grip over multiple skills that he can help to grow businesses and increasing the marketability of products. He is having experience of over 4 years in this field. His specialized skill is in Book layout designing.

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