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Putin unhinged part II

What would you expect of one of the Worlds ageing powerful leaders to do when their most popular critic continues to attract a growing following. Putin, clearly lost the taste for battle these days, perhaps this long reign of power is zapping his strength and popularity. It's only understandable when you take a look at Putin's incredible time in office. Eat your heart out Donald, clearly your mate Putin beats you hands down.

Whilst saying that you also have to respect Putin for ruling with an "Iron fist" which is looking more like "lead these days", as clearly there aren't many world leaders that can have you assassinated as easy as ordering a "Just Eat" Burger! on your "WhatsApp". I just love how technology is racing along...

But where does this story go... Well it's lost a bit of steam and whilst that is not a bad thing for Alexei, as that keeps him comfortably alive in whatever size prison cell. It does mean he's not getting all the attention. So what happens next. Well sadly it all fizzles out and everyone knows that accidents happen all the time. So Alexei, we can only take our hats off to you for upsetting the one person, that most of us would like to be brave to boast about.

As a poet, it's not a turkey shoot or something we would boldly step forward for. Poets tend to enjoy staying alive as that is one of our main motives for annoying the rest of mankind in our own special way. In my recent book "A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined" I made a few tiny mistakes... one being I chose the wrong horse to bet on and didn't realise it was till it was too late. I'm referring to Donald (1 Term Trump) Now whilst that has to hurt and none of us are really laughing... much! I do think that he was making his exit spectacular with the double impeachment - never saw that coming!

I'm still shocked that Putin has distanced himself, especially after all the effort Russia had put-in to help Donald Duck get into the White House, sorry... typo error it should have been Trump. I'm just glad that my poem on Donald Trump which had the best title of all poems going for a president actually came out of my head first. "Trumps Himself" only a literary Genius could come out with that. I'm still waiting for the Nobel Peace Prize, but my phone has rang once!

Alexei, whatever happens to you buddy, just remember there is 10,000 more ready to step into your shoes, and thank God we don't wear the same shoe size! Poets aren't do like to poke a little fun, but we also like to enjoy the passing shot as well. That's why we never make good assassins. Putin my dear friend, I'm still waiting for my invitation. Please remember I love champagne and beluga caviar. Can we skip the Vodka, as my stomach doesn't cope too well theses days.

Actually I did want to do a poem about you but it read like the Godfather' and that isn't any good as I will get done for plagiarism. Beside that story is done!!! like a well burnt steak! Remember to wear your mask, or if you have to then take one off! And make sure plenty of hand sanitiser, I can bring you some... As, I'm in the Care Sector' so I get all the goodies for free, nod, nod, wink, wink! It's who you know.

Actually that brings me onto another poem that is in my book W.H.O. I didn't spare them at all. I was very, very unkind which is so not like me at all. I think last year I witnessed a herd of White Elephants heading towards the Elephant Grave yard. It was a very sad procession and I can't exactly remember W.H.O were leading the way! it's was neck and neck with the U.N. and that was a shock, but it was huge this heard and the stragglers are still being counted. Public Health England they are having to be shoved as they are resisting, at the moment. As for the G7, G20 and I've lost count of the others the Zones, the Bloc's the list is near endless. Any way, a Poets' work is never finished. My second volume comes out later in the year when we are in Lockdown is it 4, 5, or 6. anyhow, and for all of you stuck in doors once again. Have a read and a good giggle, as I am hoping to get Vol 3 to you as soon as spring comes and they all let us out again.

Thank You.

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