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Out of the ashes Todays Date 21.11.2021

ABM is undergoing major changes behind the scenes, with a hired proof-reader who is currently working hard to prepare it for launch. This time it's going to be taking a different path for now.

Without trying to give away too much, it was a case of having to go back to the drawing board and deciding what I really wanted to achieve from such a small book. Yes, we all want to achieve the impossible but the reality is normally further from the actual truth.

As a wordsmith, it would be far better to say something than nothing at all. So with my unique style and more than a dash of imagination, I am hoping to bring "A Breath of Fresh Air" at a time when we all could do with it.

Poetry is by far the most difficult form of communication to use because you're up against prejudice even before starting. Why do I say that, well mainly because on reflection of where poetry came from it was very niche and it didn't haven't the likes of your Ed Sheeran, or the "Beatles" popularising it down through the centuries.

I think what we had was a collection of works all gathering dust sitting in a study somewhere hidden in the gloom. Well, all that has changed and we've blown the cobwebs off and injected new life into living words.

Poetry today is even more relevant than it ever was, and so much more powerful as the audience is now very different and clued up to what is going on in the world today. We are connected the world in my eye's has become smaller, since I was first born back in 1960. So my excitement is being able to share with you not just the launch of "A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined" on other platforms, but also to announce Volume 2 is to be launched next month so you can buy it as a stocking filler and as a Christmas present for your friends.

The added bonus is I shall be looking at my YouTube Channel which goes by the same title, and creating some soundtracks of my own poems to be heard world wide. Ambitious, but then that's the exciting thing about being a live and sharing, surely?

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