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Meta, or Metaverse? 09/11/2021


Herald the new Matrix Zoo

Plug-in, linked-in, and ready to blink

Connection made as your mind now synced

Neural functions engaged through network link

Second life, parallel running

Immersed in a world that’s digitally stunning

Displays, arrays, “Magic Leap” animation

3rd Gen of M.V. Creation

Liberation, automation, in real time

Augmented Reality now online

Pick, pop, switch, and mix

Slide, merge, twist, pull

Voice command takes control

Results are instant, no longer slow

Hand and Head now symphony’s tools

Body ballet sets new rules.

Pick, choose, dump, erase

Data mining is now old days

Mind Streaming, hyperloop ramp

Digital time flow in time stamp

Indexed, routed stored in cloud

Cyber password sealed in algorithm shroud

Encrypted now by Chaos Theory

Quantum M, now seems so dreary

Sim pack, for perfect life

Single player, playmate, or wife.

Multi role and special teams

League of Nations, creates new themes

Game of Thone’s has gotten grander

MetaVerse is not propaganda

Fortunes gambled night and day

One soul, the price, if you want to play

Live the Dream, Winner takes all

Watch the countless, from cliff they fall

Reset comes, but at a price?

All too expensive and not so nice!

Choose wisely, when to adjourn

Timeout in game is where the money burns

Shortened lives brings higher risks

“Twist of card” is a “Joker’s kiss”

Addiction, affliction, spiralling staircase

Up or down, for the human race

Snakes and ladders! look out for Black Adder

Just when you thought, it couldn’t get madder!

Puzzles, and mazes, rabbit hole world

Red or Blue, Boy or Girl

Ticking Bomb will soon stop

Out comes Jack from his Box!

Tales of mysteries will be revealed

As Ancients leave, Sssh! their lips are sealed

Star map set to override

As endgame, ends with collide.

Fate, never factored in

MetaVerse becomes the new age sin

Conversion, deceit, diversion, and distraction

Social melt down due to inaction

What is left? for you and me?

Too blinded now, and can no longer see

Crab in pot, that was left to boil

Dead in the end, just to be buried in soil.

I took my eyes off the wheel

A.I. so subtle, that I didn’t feel

Injection into arm and mind

The death sentence of Mankind.

Slipping away, what did I learn?

A.I. is Hell, and Hell just burns!

Make no mistake

You should be con C.E.R.N ed

This was written by Denis Brown

19/20 October 2021 copyright Author of ABM

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