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Finally I get to say hello!

Yes, life as an author is as quiet as a library under lockdown. Us sad writers gather dust during these most difficult of times. Hibernating as they we're curled up reading a good book, no such luck. As the Author of "A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined" life is anything but quiet.

Which to a degree I am delighted to say. Firstly let me welcome my subscribers to both my website, and my YouTube Channel which are called the same as it meant, I wouldn't forget their names... Clever that especially when you cannot remember where you put your car keys last.

So what is there to announce, well other than say, you still need to buy my book, as my retirement still looks a long way off, what other reason. Joking aside, I'm currently working on ABM Volume 2 and yes! Volume 3 which I hope will be ready as early as next year. So why has everyone gone to sleep and dipped their hands into their pockets to see what all the noise was about with ABM is poetry defined.

Yes' it all had to do with being gifted in writing, but not marketing! or planning and just like Bill Shakespeare what a nightmare did he have to put up with! Even my other mates ranted on about the same problem back then. My job is to write, not sell!

So let's fix this once and for all. For all those that fall into that camp of being extraordinary at selling and marketing... please, please get in contact with me. I really could do with all your help. Lucky for me there are a number of positions available for anyone who has that natural gift and has nothing better to do right now. This is your calling, come and find me. Lets put those talents to good use.

Not quite having fixed the world all in one day, it is my pleasure to say that let our journey begin. As a small team of mine has been working on short videos recently based upon my poetry, and I think now they shout a lot louder than I do. So what is your job in all of this. Well to be honest, I've never had a follower a part from my own shadow, and it's not exactly a good advert when you can't even get rid of them!

For me a follower is someone who has a connection with you, perhaps the way you think or say things, not necessarily the way you dress but you have a common ground. Now my parents always warned me don't lead because you're not good with directions and you'll just get people lost. So I've stuck by the truth all my life. I was nearly delighted when the satnav was invented until, I kept landing up in a pond, or a ditch somewhere!

So equally the fear is a "Cult Following" as I don't necessarily like to dress up in white, and play music all day, wearing garlands of flowers around my neck as that is not me either. I think I don't mind if you want to follow as long as you don't expect to move in with me, as that is a "NO" as well. Stardom, I don't think is going to be a problem as we now have zoom and l'm a recluse anyway. So it's not likely that you will see me at Aldi's or Lidl, Poundland, M&S which I have to sneak in wearing posh clothes for! and then make out I'm a poet and writer! Oh yes Borehamwood know that I exist!

So, let me not get distracted. I just want to blame Ronnie Corbet for this one of Britain best comedy duos' they taught me so much, and annoyingly so, you can't have one without the other so Ronnie Barker, had me in tears of laughter. Together they were brilliant.

I could just keep on writing but I would like to stop here and say thank you for taking the time to read my blog, yeah, I think that's what they call it. Lovely to meet you and I will try to attempt to write as often as I can. I won't make promises, as then everyone gets disappointed and leaves in a hurry. So lets avoid that one. Look forward to speaking to you all soon, and updating you as to where we are with things. Please subscribe, please leave a comment or email me I don't bite.... much. 🤣

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