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Yesterday I was checking through my new poems and I came across one that I think will be very relevant and hopefully will have an impact upon people when the new book is launched. The title of the poem is actually not original as it's called B.F.G and the author obvious is Roald Dahl.

What I've done with it, however is original and that means the copy to this story is safe, and I don't have to look over my shoulder now. There was a news article which I have looked high and low for but I cannot find it and it's the inspiration behind the poem. It had to do with a young lad currently living somewhere in Europe who suffers from a genetic disorder which has made him large, or big and his story is very sad as it goes into detail how he's not accepted and is bullied by his peers and how lonely he feels.

This story isn't new, it's not uncommon. But my heart went out to this young lad and his mother and this poem was written for this boy and his mother to say that actually you do have friends and you are very much accepted, our thoughts are with you. However like I said bully sadly has become an increasing issue in our world today. I still think that we and Big Tech are clearly not doing enough to tackle this issue. Social media, cyberspace is rife with bullying and the likes of FB, and all the other social media platforms need to be seen to be doing far more in getting this back under control.

There is never a time when it's right to bully, but reality is different to what we would strive for in an ideal world. Which doesn't mean it's not worth striving for, if anything it should give us more determination to see that we get on top of this problem. So when my book comes out which as I say hopefully will be soon, please take a look at this poem BFG, but don't limit it to just people who are physically different in the sense of standing out because of their height it works across the board, and covers so many different aspects. So I would like people to expand BFG to any person frankly that may look different or fall into that category of "Diverse" because even for me I still think we're way off actually be accepting of people who are diverse, and this group have been marginalised, and forgotten. Yes we can be proud of making up rules and laws to protect these people but frankly are they being taken seriously enough and I would love to know your thoughts. Are we paying lip service to yet another issue that as a Big Society we should be addressing. Please I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the matter. As I said I felt that something needed to be said. I don't want it to be limited to an isolated case as I'm aware this is happening and it's affecting peoples lives to a point that it causes misery and upset to many people.

Indirectly it's always good to be inspired by other authors and I thank Roald Dahl for story of the BFG and I hope I've added some relevance to it in our modern day world. Thank you for your time today.

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