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Blogger Unhinges Putin

How a “Blogger” unhinges Putin

Alexei Navalny: what you need to

David and Goliath, the story returns. I’m at a loss for words. Down through the centuries this has been played out countless times. Why is this one any different? Is the question that I want to know. Most reporters and journalist will have made up their minds privately over this issue.

But I do not profess to be either, just a mere humble poet… almost… actually No, I’m not humble at all so just read on.

In some ways I’ve always had a little bit of admiration for Putin, not because for all the bad things he stands for and that list grows everyday practically. But he’s just the naughty boy on the school playground. Being little means most people will overlook what you do, and sadly that does happen in life.

Yes, some of the smallest people on Earth like to make the most noise, and I can think of a few that come to mind but alas we’re stuck with them. Napoleon, Hitler and so forth. So, Putin has earned his stripes to be up there with the best of them. Sadly, Trump fell short of that glory, but that was his own doing and if you’ve every read my poem on him… you can see why.

Poets don’t make enemies, it’s one of our unspoken golden rules. We’re allowed to do many things but that would be crossing the line. So, whilst Donald and Putin have been entertaining to watch their antics it really didn’t go unnoticed.

Just the result of Donald’s double impeachment says absolutely everything in a nutshell. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. We all know that. Whilst leaders would think that the masses are nothing short of being couch potatoes, they really have got it wrong.

Whilst they have been enjoying parading the “Political Catwalk” in their “Kings New Clothes” yes, we’ve enjoyed the laugh! But even for us there has to be a serious side to life and here’s the bombshell you’ve all been waiting for.

Enter the usual suspects and you know when they turn up to a party, it’s a sign that the party is basically coming to its end. I’m going to introduce each one because as soon as I say them you will know exactly what I mean, and whilst they really are the worst gate-crashers at most parties, hence their swift departure usually in a “Police Vehicle in handcuffs”


He’s the silent one. Keeps a low profile and likes to case out the joint. To see what needs doing and how it needs to be best executed.


He’s the jittery one, you can spot him a mile away as he’s forever looking over this shoulder.


What good party would be without the Iceman, you need one to keep everything cool.


This is beginning to sound a bit like “Top Gun” actually that’s a very good point. But it’s not that is just coincidental.

Otherwise, we would have to think up who then would be “Goose” and as he doesn’t do well in the movie, that would make all of us goose. And that means we’re cooked!

I think, I’m going to write myself out of this story while I can, as it’s not looking good anymore. I think in a light-hearted manner I’ve made the point. All good (Or in this case hmm, not so good) comes to an end. Everything has a shelf life, including leaders.

Putin knows that, the Kremlin has been Krumbling since he got in office, in fact on the quiet he’s probably walking around with his own small hammer tapping the structure every second he can get a chance.

Unlike a James Bond Movie, this doesn’t have that usual stereo type ending, where he gets the girl, or the boy as we have to be respectful of gender these days and sexual orientation. As I’m the last to want to offend.

Usually in a performance like this in a stage show, you have exit left, which conveniently waits there in the wings for your choice moment.

The fear is the power vacuum that would be left behind, and whilst Putin has single handily carried this monstrous burden all alone…. Arrrggh. His time to stop playing and hand over the game on to the next person, is literally around the corner.

Now that would normally sound like a relief to most but… wait. Whilst you breath that sigh of relief suck in that air as the successor is never the guy you think it’s going to be. A bit like a “Whodunnit” mystery. It’s the gasp, the shock, the I didn’t see that one coming routine. Followed by whatever reaction that we have upon that revelation. There you go. What better way than to end a good story, but the worlds best “Story Teller” yeah… that’s me. Here, I’m over here! And no, I’m not short! Before you ask. As I know where that’s going!

You rude lot. ( Enjoy your day everyone, and be safe, Denis Brown, author of “A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined, still on sale at Amazon, get your copy quick before they all go! – please.


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