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2021 is a game of two halves.

Let me explain what I mean by this. We have been on a slow and frustrating road to seeing signs of "Lockdown" possibly beginning to lift.

Sorry, don't hold your breath as it takes an awkward turn in the second half of this year. Well, instead of going forwards we actually end up taking a dive backwards. Whilst some will say it's the new normal, I would say actually it's not normal as anyone had ever envisaged it.

But Why? Optimistically we all want to believe that life has turned a corner and for the best as we see green shoots. Trade talks, sweet deals, and for a brief moment that all looks good on paper. Until the carpet is pulled beneath your feet. Hence we will all say "Deja Vu" except this carries on for another 5 years. Well what makes you say that? Just a gut feeling.

Just recently I wrote a poem on COP26, which is an event that is allegedly scheduled to take place in Glasgow this November. I'm beginning to have my doubts about it ever actually taking place. Even under the restrictions of a Zoom Conference at best. Here's the why, and what has been the indicators that I've recently seen that tells me otherwise.

Canada, has experienced record heatwaves this week, and whilst they are saying it was by chance, I don't buy it. In a weeks time we here in the UK are predicted to be heading into our heatwave. The problem is we've never been particularly good at tackling heatwaves and France struggled hugely last year. This year it gets worse. Even for us in England we will struggle hugely too.

It's always the young and the very elderly that suffer the most, and if that was not enough anyone with a respiratory condition will suffer too. Including Covid Sufferers. So whilst I can only apologise for the not so wonderful next 6 months ahead. What I can guarantee is this is far from the last of it.

World Leaders, now do not have a choice, other than to fire fight in order to save mankind. I wish I was joking but I'm not. In my poetry book called "A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined" which I wrote last year. There were some very tough issues that needed to be raised. This year I'm seeing them all come true.

Amazon Rain Forest



Are just three poems that are very much in the news these days.

C.R.I.S.P.R. I wrote about which comes out in September but the other day there was an article in the news to say that it was entering into many, many areas soon to affect our lives.

COP26 was written before the events that are now about to take place in the second half of 2021.

Singularity is my old time favourite poem, if you have the mind of Stephen Hawking you will love this one!

"I so late" is extremely controversial, and cleverly put together, hence yes it copywritten now. Even the title is a cheeky clue but very deliberate, just take out the spaces between the words. That's how clever it is. The mean of the poem matches the actual title. Which is pure genius.

Social Media, another recent poem, will be coming out on my YTC later this month. It's a must see' video.

Please, please subscribe to my YTC and don't miss what is coming next, see it here first before it even happens.

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